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Digital ceramic printing on glass


By using new design elements and imitating natural materials, printing of designs on glass is flexible, as it redefines the possibilities for surface design. The designs are innovative and unique, but at the same time they fit into a diverse environment and are easy to choose.


For your next project, select any image or graphic in our inventory or submit your own. Our archive includes print-ready images for different applications. These images and graphics can be custom-made in colour, size and even with different levels of transparency.


The properties of scratch- and fade-resistant ceramic paints are perfect for outdoor applications, such as public areas, building facades and marking, for specific projects of small or large scale.


Applicability: inscriptions, counters, wall cladding, back panels, flooring on the stairs, marker panels, partition walls, elevator cabins and others.


Glass thickness


Minimum glass dimension


Maximum glass dimension


4 - 19

200 x 350

2100 x 3900



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