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ESG tempered glass is made on the basis of plain float glass, soft and hard coated glass, ornamented or toned glass. The tempering process consists of heating the glass to a temperature of 620 – 680 °C and then rapidly cooling it in a stream of compressed air. As a result, compression stresses occur which significantly increase its strength. ESG tempered glass is several times more solid than regular glass of the same thickness, and, in the event of breakage, it breaks down into small parts with blunt edges rather than into sharp blades. Tempered glass can be used in all cases where regulations require the use of safety glass. It is used both in construction and in the furniture industry, and for the production of car windows, for example.


Advantages of ESG tempered glass:

  • high resistance to mechanical stresses,
  • reduced risk of damage due to the nature of glass fragments resulting from breakage,
  • higher resistance to rapid changes in ambient temperature.

Tempered safety glass ESG maximum dimensions: 2100 x 3900 mm and minimum dimensions 100 x 250 mm, thickness 4 to 19 mm. According to EN 12150-2, ECE R43 with approval for transport vehicles.


Glass thickness


Minimum glass dimension


Maximum glass dimension


4 - 19

100 x 250

2100 x 3900


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