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TVG partially tempered glass, like ESG tempered glass, is a type of glass made on the basis of plain float glass, soft and hard coated glass, ornamented or toned glass. In this case, the base glass is heated to a temperature of 625 °C and is slowly cooled with an air stream. According to the characteristics, TVG glass is classified as plain and tempered glass. Its mechanical strength is lower than that of ESG glass, but in case of breakage it breaks into significantly larger pieces and thus reduces the risk of glass falling out of the frame or other support. Glass fragments become entangled and remain in place.

Partially tempered glass should be used in all cases where its fragments may be dangerous to people, e.g., in canopies, roof-light domes and glazing in an oblique position.


Partially tempered glass TVG is normally used only as laminated safety glass consisting of 2 x TVG


Advantages of partially tempered glass:

  • improved flexural strength,
  • improved mechanical strength,
  • improved thermal strength.

TVG glass is an interesting alternative to ESG tempered glass. But remember, this is not safety glass.


Glass thickness


Minimum glass dimension


Maximum glass dimension


4 - 19

100 x 250

2100 x 3900


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